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Middle Tennessee Lolita Community
An wild friend appears! 
6th-Dec-2010 01:48 pm

Kisha, Pretty_litta, Rainbowmaker, etc.


20, 21 in March


For the next five months it's Fukuoka, Japan, but when I get back, it'll be Nashville for a couple months then relocating to Murfreesboro in August.

How did you find out about lolita:

I'd sort of known about it since 2005, but it wasn't until I got my first Gothic and Lolita Bible at a con in 2006 that I got a correct grasp on what it actually is and I didn't buy my first brand dress until...2006-2007?
Favorite Brands/Styles:

BtSSB, is absolutely number one, but after years of exposure (aikazi ) and getting to Japan, I am really warming up to Angelic Pretty and it has replaced Metamorphose as my number two. I think my base style is probably sweet with most of the subgroups also being interests, with punky/casual following up second, and gothic in third (because I will always be a goth kid at heart).

Anything else:

Many of you newer lolitas don't know me, but I've been around a long time and I let personal issues keep me from participating in a culture that I love, so when I return from Japan, I look forward to meeting you all!


Sorry that it's not a lolita picture, I haven't got a good, recent one and I didn't want to use one of the old ones. This is me at an all-you-can-eat cake and pasta buffet with a friend in Japan. I'll get good lolita pictures soon!
6th-Dec-2010 05:31 am (UTC)
ahhh! You look so cute! Is that your natural hair? :O *jelly*

I'm really looking forward to seeing you when you get back :D we'll have a ton of fun rori times!
6th-Dec-2010 08:13 am (UTC)
*pssshhhht* NO! lol! Thank you though, I wish! It's a really nice wig I picked up in Kyoto after I got sick of dealing with my own hair in this humidity.

We are gonna have some rockin' times when I get back!
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