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Middle Tennessee Lolita Community
Hey Thar, BBs 
5th-Sep-2010 01:28 am

Megan. Or call me Ita. Whatever. ;D


21. Will be 22 early December.


Cookeville, but hoping to move to the 'boro in a month or so? We'll see.

How did you find out about Lolita?

I'm placing the blame firmly at madwithinsanity 's feet, right where it belongs. She showed up in a cute dress by Angelic Pretty and it all rolled down hill from there.

Favorite Brands/Style?

As I am quite firmly at the end of the 'have no money to buy loli things' spectrum, I pretty much wear whatever madwithinsanity  dresses me up in. So far it's only been Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright, I think. Still testing the loli waters for myself, but I'm thinking those two will be my fave brands.

Anything else?

I tend to cosplay more than I loli, so most pictures one sees of me is in various outfits of characters, haha. But I'll try to swim deeper into the loli waters, for everyone's sake.


The infamous duckface. For the record, I'm sitting on aikazi 's bedroom floor.

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5th-Sep-2010 06:40 am (UTC)
You know I think you're like the most adorable person on the entire planet. Lol.

Tawny and I need to get you stuff. srsly. So you can become a permanent member. XDDD
5th-Sep-2010 05:04 pm (UTC)
Hohoho, but you are srsly adorable too~~!! <333 Cutie pants!

Well, I really just need to find a job. So I can move to the 'boro and buy loli things, apparently. XD
3rd-Dec-2010 09:01 pm (UTC)
I took a picture with you and Tawny at MCAC last year! :D

<3 Sydney
6th-Dec-2010 08:47 pm (UTC)
You totally did! I remember! XD
21st-Dec-2011 11:09 pm (UTC) - ~<3
That whole outfit is soo cute but I'm really digging on that bow! :D

My real name is Megean too, by the way OwO
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