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Middle Tennessee Lolita Community
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16th-Aug-2010 03:00 am - Hi!
Name: Aimee/Pheona (Call me Phe <3)

Age: 24

City/Area: Nashville (Brentwood)

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16th-Aug-2010 06:32 am(no subject)





Murfreesboro area is were I live, but I'm going to TTU in Cookeville.

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10th-Jul-2010 03:48 pm - OH HAI.
Loli of Spades
Name: Katie

Age: 22 (23 in a month, making me the community "old lady"...)

City/Area: Murfreesboro, sometimes Franklin
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10th-Jul-2010 10:48 am - Chigothloli in mid_TN?!?
Name: Amanda/Marzipan
Age: 21
City/Area: Chicago, but Nashville for the summer

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9th-Jul-2010 06:40 pm - Introintro~
Zoisite and Kunzite
Name: Bunny
Age: 20
City/Area: Antioch

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9th-Jul-2010 04:02 pm - Introduction!!
Name: Tara
Age: 21
City/Area: Nashville (Bellevue)

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